Need to know

Once you have registered your vacancy with us, we will arrange a meeting with you if you have opted for the Platinum service and will walk you through every aspect of employing a childcarer at the meeting. Alternatively, you can click on any of the links here to learn more about employing a childcarer in your home.

Employer’s responsibilities

Employer’s Insurance
As your childcarer’s employer, it is important you check that your insurer protects against possible claims made by your childcarer e.g. should they suffer a personal injury. Public Liability Insurance covers this eventuality and if it is not covered by the family’s home insurance, we can recommend companies who can help you organise a policy specific to your needs.

Employer’s tax
When you employ a Childcarer in your home, you have a legal responsibility to pay their tax and national insurance. If you already run your own company, you may wish to include your childcarer on your company’s payroll, alternatively, there are several companies who can manage this side of things for you and we recommend a company called Nannytax, who will provide you with tailored information and advice.

Employment contract
The law requires all full time childcarers to receive a Contract of Employment within the first eight weeks of their employment. The contract must include the start date, the period of employment and notice, main duties, working hours, salary, holiday arrangements, sick pay and offences that will result in dismissal. We will prepare a draft contract for you as part of the Platinum service if you have subscribed to this, otherwise, we will be happy to provide you with a sample Contract of Employment.


Cars and travel

If you are providing a car for use with your children, check whether your policy covers a childcarer to drive your car. If it doesn’t this will need to be arranged. If you are expecting your childcarer to use their own car to transport your children, you will, in most instances, be expected to cover the cost of specialist insurance for this purpose. In addition you will need to reimburse the costs of petrol and running costs during the time they transport your children around. Depending on the age of your child(ren), a child car seat will be needed and you will need to provide this.


Ofsted registration

Parents employing a nanny that wish to make use of Childcare Vouchers will need their nanny to register with the Ofsted Childcare Register (ORC) before they can take advantage of the tax savings. If you have subscribed to the Platinum service package your childcarer will already have this registration in place prior to staring work with you. If you have opted for a different service package, we will still be able to organise this for you if needed, at an additional cost.